So Christmas falls on a Sunday this year. We know because Doug and I looked at the calendar. There's not much that gets by the two of us.

Since Christmas is part of our weekend, it makes sense to make it a part of our weekend theme. Classic Rock Christmas Weekend. Catchy title, huh?

Saturday and Sunday, we've assembled some of our favorite Classic Rock Christmas tunes. Songs from Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Queen, Bill Squire, Greg Lake, Trans-Siberian Orchestra and lots more, including those classy tunes from Bob Rivers.

Merry Christmas Whale Nation! Whatever your plans, or no plans at all, we hope you enjoy this holiday season...and get that million dollars you asked Santa Clause to get you!

Remember to take us wherever you go this holiday weekend…you can hear us on your radio at 99.1 FM, online at and on your mobile phone through our free app – radioPup!