We're cranking up the Whale Time Machine and heading back to the 1980s this weekend.

Yes, the 80s decade was popular for artists like Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince and George Michael, but there was also a lot of great rock-n-roll that came out of the decade.

I'm talking about Bon Jovi, Bob Seger, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, AC/DC, Heart, Kiss, The Who and Joan Jett among others. And how about all those hairbands? Yea, we loved it and played the hell out of their tunes in the 1980s.

This weekend, let's live the decade again, at least through the awesome rock created back then, with hourly double-shots throughout the weekend. By the way, if you have an idea for a Classic Rock weekend theme, drop us a line. The less thinking we have to do every week, would be great.

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