Happy birthday to the 'Prince of Darkness' Ozzy Osbourne.

But let's face it, he might be nicknamed 'Prince' but the guy is actually a King of rock.  I'll make my argument starting now-

  • How many people over 70 can get on a stage with modern stars (think that performance with Post Malone at the American Music Awards) and still steal the show.  Ozzy!  Because, well, he's Ozzy.
  • How many rockers are still even doing what he does after all these decades- a few, but not most.  Not to mention, how many times has he hit a 'bump' in the road with medical issues and STILL keeps coming back to perform.
  • His music catalog.  Need I say more?  From Black Sabbath to just Ozzy to Ozzy and Primus.  Need. I. Say. More.
  • He's succeeded at everything from music to reality shows (without even speaking clearly!), in his own unique rock-star way.
  • He's one half of a major power couple.  Sure his track-record isn't perfect (I mean, who's marriage is ever really 'perfect' in general anyway, right?) but after all these years he and Sharon keep rocking together, keep saying what's on their minds filter-free, and it rocks.  In a day and age where people get so offended over every little thing, I absolutely love the Sharon that calls out the Kardashian family for using Ozzy's face on a T-shirt, or the Ozzy that throws the F-bomb over something.  POWER COUPLE.
  • He's Ozzy Osbourne.  That's it.  End of argument.  A King of rock!   Happy birthday Ozzy- keep showing the rock-stars of today just how it's done.

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