Some friends of mine go on a golf trip every year to Ocean City, Maryland. Today was the first day of golf on that golf trip. I've been asked to go on the trip a couple of times. But working in radio, there are certain months that you can't take off. April is one of those months.

There are 77 guys from the Binghamton area that are on the trip this year. They usually golf 36 holes a day, then go out for dinner, then off to bars for drinks or back to the hotel rooms to play cards. To reserve their spot on the trip, people must put their money up front and it is nonrefundable. I've even had people tell me that I could go in their place for free because something came up and they couldn't get out of it. As tempting as that was, I still can't take a vacation from work during the month of April. Every year that I'm asked I have to explain that I can't get out of work. One of the organizers of the trip is a great friend of mine. Every year he tells me to just talk to my boss and see if I can get the time off. He's even offered to talk to my boss for me. He even tried to persuade me to do my show live every morning from the golf course. That would go over like a wet fart in church.

So here I sit watching them all post pictures on Facebook from the golf courses and the beach and think how nice it must be to be on that trip. I have to admit, I'm very jealous. And the worst part about this is I will be hearing all about it when they get back. Have fun guys, hit 'em straight, and have a drink for me while you are there.

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