The major reasons people go on vacation include: To strengthen relationships, improve bonds, whether you're trip is a romantic getaway, or the opportunity to be together as a family. When you travel you also open your mind to new opportunities.  To see how the other half lives, to coin an expression. Sometimes when we are mired in daily life, we lose our perspective, lose sight of what we have, or how lucky we are. We get stuck in a rut, every day seems like "Groundhog Day".

Going someplace new is exhilarating.   Every destination has something to teach us,  often times a very different world from our own.  We challenge ourselves by doing something different, feeling a sense of accomplishment and adventure. At the same time travel can be relaxing and rejuvenating.  You can, if you choose to, unplug, leave email and social media behind. Divorce yourself of the daily stresses of your job or your "routine".

One of the things I always liked best about traveling is walking around new places, taking pictures, trying local restaurants (as opposed to the everyday chains).

Not having to go to bed at a certain time or get up early.  Maybe your vacation destination is something you have seen on a TV show or a magazine.  A place a neighbor or relative told you about.

Or maybe you are simply challenged or intrigued by the name of a town or locale.

Here I have highlighted some different places you might like to visit.  They are not tourist meccas, but rather little hole-in-the-wall locales that you can later say you have been to.


Towns You May Want To Visit Because Of Their Names

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