Delta Airlines is changing its flights schedules at two regional airports in the Southern Tier. 

Friday, October 27 Broome County officials announced Delta would be replacing its single flight schedule between Binghamton and Detroit with two flights a day between BGM and LaGuardia International in New York City Sunday through Friday with one flight on Saturdays, using larger CRJ-900 planes and two passenger classes for what the airline says will be a better amenities and experience for passengers.  The new service will begin January 9. 

JFK Airport Usage Dwindles During Coronavirus Outbreak
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Meanwhile, Ithaca Tompkins International Airport announced Friday, October 27 that Delta Airlines will now offer two daily flights to John F. Kennedy International Airport, also beginning January 9. 

Passengers can already start booking their early morning or mid-day departures from Ithaca to JFK also on the 75-seat CRJ-900 regional jet. The Ithaca airport is also served by United Air Lines. 

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The October 27 announcement in Broome County comes weeks after Avelo Airlines announced it would be flying between Broome County and Florida beginning November 16.  The fairly new discount carrier will be flying to Orlando airport only for now.  The original fight service had included Fort Meyers but that destination is temporarily unavailable following the devastation to South West Florida caused by Hurricane Ian last month. 

Both the announced changes in service in Binghamton and Ithaca are being hailed as a huge boost to economic opportunity in the Southern Tier and Finger Lake regions as well as for leisure passengers as both LaGuardia and JFK are major international hubs with connecting fight opportunities all around the world. 

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