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12 Of The Dumbest Reasons People Have Called 911
Most people who call the police or 911 usually are calling because they are in an emergency situation. Most people, not all people. Some people think that 911 is the perfect number to call to take care of every minor issue in their lives.
10 Unique Fall Things To Do In Niagara Falls
You're probably familiar with the expression "you can't see the forest for the trees"...It can't be any more true than here on the Niagara Frontier. We have lived here so long that we forget about the great places in our own backyard.
Classic TV Shows Are Making a Comeback…But Why?
When I was a kid TV was only in black and white, and my parents severely restricted viewing time...after school or evenings only AFTER homework was done and you had finished dinner (everything on your plate), except Brussel sprouts. I would rather sit in my room without TV than eat Brussel sprouts.

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