We still can’t stop talking about Monday’s total solar eclipse in Buffalo. 

All across Western New York, thousands of us gathered outside hoping the cloudy skies wouldn’t put a damper on the day– and thankfully, just in time, they parted to show us one of the most magnificent things we’ve ever seen. 

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It’s a moment that so many of us will never forget– especially one specific couple who came to watch the eclipse in Buffalo’s Delaware Park. 

The Search For Couple Engaged During Buffalo Eclipse

For many couples across the country, the once-in-a-lifetime eclipse provided the perfect opportunity to get down on one knee. 

One such couple did exactly that in beautiful Delaware Park in Buffalo, in front of their two adorable pups and a crowd of fellow Buffalonians. How romantic is that?!

One fellow eclipse-viewer managed to snap a pic of the adorable moment, intending to share it with the happy couple. But with the craziness of the day, it slipped the amateur photographer’s mind–so they took to social media to get the word out. 


Proposal at Delaware Park after eclipse, forgot to send to couple, can we try to get this to them?
byu/SavorySalamander45 inBuffalo

Buffalo reddit users shared the post of the newly engaged couple hundreds of times, hoping that someone out there would recognize them. Did they succeed?

Amazing News - Eclipse Proposal Couple Has Been Found!

Way to go, Buffalo! Thanks to the savviness of the Internet, The post was shared and boosted so many times that one of the photo’s subjects happened upon it just by chance. 

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Now, the picture of this special moment during the total eclipse is in the hands of the newly engaged couple, and one of them took to reddit to express their gratitude.  

Comment byu/SavorySalamander45 from discussion inBuffalo

Congratulations to the happy couple! We’re so glad this incredible eclipse could create such an amazing moment for the two of you. 

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