Restaurants have been hit hard during the Coronavirus pandemic. Some of them remained open just doing take out, while others have just locked their doors until they are able to open up their dining rooms again.

When Binghamton area restaurants are finally given permission to reopen their doors, they will probably be ordered to operate at a limited capacity. Restaurants will probably be forced to rearrange tables to keep six feet of separation between customers. With that in mind, some of the bigger restaurants may feel empty due to the number of vacant tables.

One restaurant in Washington DC is taking a unique approach to make it's restaurant feel less empty. According to DC Eater, The Inn at Little Washington has purchased a bunch of mannequins that they have dressed up and placed at tables to make it look like they are regular diners.

The mannequins have place settings in front of them complete with plates, silverware, napkins, and some of them have full glasses of  wine in front of them. See the picture here

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Personally Empty Tables next to me in a restaurant doesn't bother me at all. Actually it is something I typically enjoy, because I tend to start listening to other people's  conversations at busy restaurants. I guess the mannequins won't be talking much and you won't have to say excuse me if you accidentally hit their chair with yours when you go to stand up.

The story reminded me of something I noticed inside the Colonial Restaurant on Court Street in Binghamton. They have boxes setup on their tables with faces drawn on them to make them look like they have people inside. Some of the boxes are even wearing hats. Check out the photo below.

Jim Free Photo
Jim Free Photo

[via DC Eater]

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