I do not like mice. Yes, I know mice can be, and are, pets to some people, and they probably have purpose on planet Earth, but I have my reasons.

Maybe I should be more specific, and say I do not like certain mice. The ones I refer to, are the ones that decide your home is a great place to take up residence. It happens to everyone, so I image you have experienced the same kind of frustration as I have.

For me, it goes beyond the home invasion, they love to try their best to get into my camper over the winter and my 'older than dirt' golf cart. Last year I found a well constructed mouse bed in the engine. That was not fun cleaning out.

One year they got into the heating duct work in my camper and proceeded to slash it to the point I had to completely replace the lines. Oh, and the smell - not pleasant.

This year, the mice upped their game. They found a way into the kitchen cupboards at my house. Yes, I realize mice can gain access to just about everywhere. Well, they apparently decided anything not secured in a can was considered a buffet. Pasta, chips, crackers, cookies, candy, all good for the munching. Of course, they love to leave calling cards in the form of you-know-what. That's disgusting.

For a short solution, I placed all food products on the counter, but that wasn't enough. These little monsters were brazen enough to take a walk on the counter and continue their buffet, even though I have two cats - one who loves to capture and destroy mice.

So, over the weekend, I cleared out the cupboards and countertops, pulled up and replaced the contact paper, and filled in a hole where I think the mice were coming in. Again, that was not fun. I then placed a type of cedar chips that supposedly repel mice, and placed all the food back in the cupboards.

After hours of work and about 40 bucks in supplies, that should do the trick. I'm trying to be humane, but if that doesn't work,  out come the traps with a dab of peanut butter.

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