Next weekend, I hope to relax at home and do as little as possible. Probably won't happen, though. You know how that works. In the meantime, here's the third and final part of my three part weekend adventure from last weekend that was far from relaxing.

If you missed part one and part two, click on the blue button at the bottom of this lovely story. Part three begins where part two left off. Saturday night, it took close to 90 minutes to get back home from the class reunion in Wyoming County, Pennsylvania.

The roads taken home were all two lane roads containing many curves, inclines and dips. That in addition to darkness and steady rain. Oh, and the occasional deer crossing the roadways. A bit of a white knuckle ride home.

We arrived safely around 1 am. The final part of my weekend was to enlist my friend who was a part of both DJ gigs, to help me winterize my camper. He helps me every year.

Our day began in mid-morning with breakfast at a local diner, and then the trek back to Pennsylvania. Bradford County Pennsylvania to be exact. My three part weekend ended up spending time in three different PA counties.

Fortunately, the rain had stopped by the time we arrived at the campground, but the grounds around my camper were drenched. That, in addition to all the rain we've endured since May, made the grounds very muddy as we walked around buttoning up everything for the winter.

We blew out the water lines, added antifreeze where needed, cleaned out the grey and black water tanks, placed mouse repellent items inside and out and applied painter tape to close off openings (the tape doesn't leave residue when peeled off) around storage doors to the little monsters can't get in. All well and good, but you know if mice want in, they will find a way.

Next, I did a look around, brought in the camper slides, unplugged the electric, turned off the propane, disconnected the battery, took a long look at the beautiful PA Endless Mountains countryside, said my silent goodbye for the next six months, and headed home. Well, almost.  My friend, who had just enjoyed a hearty diner breakfast a mere three hours earlier, demanded we stop for lunch on the trip home. His treat. Who was I to argue?

And that concludes my three part weekend. Fun, scary, wet, hard work, long trips, lots of delicious greasy food, spending time with good friends, exhaustion and satisfaction of a successful three day adventure.


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