Most weekends for me include as little as movement as possible. In the Summer months, I'm at the campground enjoying conversation, beverages and a campfire with friends. During the winter months, I catch up on a lot of movies, and at times engage in that awful duty called house cleaning.This past weekend, there was none of that.

This three part story begins on Friday October 26th, when I traveled to Wayne County Pennsylvania to play music at a middle school Halloween dance. It's a dance I DJ every year.

During the dance, I usually hand out glow sticks to all the kids. They like wearing theme while dancing around the gym. This year, I discovered something I had not seen before, and purchased - light wands that measure about 18 inches long and about an inch in diameter.

Each has three LEDs in green, blue and red encased in a styrofoam tube. Each LED blinks in three different patterns, and the neat thing is, the batteries can be replaced when they die out as opposed to glow sticks, which die out for good after a few hours.They were a big hit with the kids. It was cool to see all these wands waving around the gym as the kids danced to the music.

A bit later into the dance, I noticed two or three of the styrofoam tubes, unlit, lying in the middle of the gym floor. Scanning the room, I noticed a couple of kids had ripped the lights, wiring and battery out of the tubing, discarding the styrofoam tubing in several pieces on the gym floor like it was garbage.

My first and only thought was, why would someone do that? Now it just looks light three tiny lights attached to a thin wire. Maybe they has plan to turn it into a light up necklace or bracelet. I can only imagine what they might do with glow sticks, had I bought them instead.

We would never have done something like that when we were kids, would we? I will never understand the desire to destroy something like that. My how times have changed.

Tomorrow, it's on to Saturday with a soaked parade, long haired reunion, and reasons not to completely trust GPS.

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