Last Friday, as mentioned in part one of this three part weekend, I was the DJ for a middle school Halloween dance in Wayne County Pennsylvania. It was the first of three visits to the great state of PA over the weekend for me.

On Saturday, I got up early to plan for a long day. Saturday, we were bringing back the Binghamton Halloween parade after a few years absence. We were watching the weather forecast constantly, hoping the the chance of rain would lighten up. As you know, it did not.

Barring any major storm issues, we gave the parade a thumbs up even though it was pouring. I don't remember ever getting that soaked during any parade pasts in the Triple Cities. We've endured rain, extreme cold, snow and even some ice, but not this much steady rain. Even so, the parade went on, and we had fun. It took some time to dry out. I should have worn boots instead of sneakers that weren't rain proof.

I had two hours to dry out before heading to a 40th class reunion to play music. My DJ partner is an alumni of the high school class we were to entertain, so he was with me on the trip to the venue.

The location was at an American Legion in Wyoming County on Route 6 between Laceyville and Meshoppen, Pennsylvania. I've traveled many roads in Northeast PA, but have never traveled to that area. My friend entered the address into his GPS so we wouldn't get lost.

Well, the GPS was good for the most part, until it decided to choose a final 'fastest route' to the venue. It took us on Old Route 6. Well, Old Route 6 quickly became not much more than a one lane road, and as we traveled up a hill, the road condition became worse. Broken pavement and weeds growing through what used to be pavement.

We had to stop at one point to make way for several deer. They were looking at us as if to say what the hell were we doing on their road. I decided to turn around, except there wasn't much road to turn around on. I eventually found a dirt road to attempt to turn around. It was dark, raining, muddy and you guessed it, we got temporarily stuck on an incline.

Fortunately my van is heavy, was filled with audio equipment, and has new tires, so it all helped to slowly get out of the situation. We returned to Route 6, and just a couple of miles up the road, found the American Legion. Seeing the legion's sign brought much relief.

The reunion went well, and the trip home was much less dramatic, despite the continual rain. Be sure to check out part three of my weekend adventure tomorrow, and if you missed part one, click below. So how was your weekend?

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