It's that time of year again. When the weather turns colder, those uninvited guests begin to invade your space. Well, at least my space. And those pests are mice.

Returning to my camper on weekends, I've noticed the calling cards that mice leave all over the place. It's amazing how they can find their way in. Just when I think I've covered any openings, they find a way in. I've been given ideas to keep the mice out in the winter when it's winterized for the season, but not much works. I do place moth balls under the camper, and I guess it helps somewhat. I've used dryer sheets and certain types of soaps as suggested by people, but the mice laugh at those attempts.

At home, they have become a bit more bold since I no longer have cats. When I did, there were less mice in the house, or so it seemed. I have learned over the years to keep anything that a mouse would love to chew on, stored away in something that a mouse can't get into, which of course is a challenge. Not much they can't get into.

Now, I found that mice are getting into my desk at work. A couple of weeks ago, I brought in a box of Pop Tarts. I put the box in one of my desk drawers, and the next day, noticed there was a hole in the box. I hadn't even opened the container yet. Not only did the mouse rip open the package, it helped itself a a part of one of the Pop Tarts.

And last Friday, I left a mini apple pie in my desk drawer. I didn't think anything of it, but the mouse did. Another box with a hole in it and a quarter of the pie gone. Okay, it takes me a couple of times to get it. No more food in my desk drawer. Everything will end up in my mini refrigerator, whether it needs to be kept cold or not.

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