How did I miss this? I didn't even know this day existed. Apparently, November 19th is National Camp Day according to National Today.

My first question is, why November 19th? Camping season is over for most of us who love to camp. Sure there are areas in the warmer climates where you can camp all year long, but that's not the case for most of the country. I think the day should be celebrated on day somewhere in the middle of summer. Maybe I'll start a petition to do just that. Or not, because that would take up too much of my time.

Regardless, camping is one of my favorite things to do. And I know my current definition of camping is not the same as lugging a tent and few other items into the middle of nowhere, or as it's called 'dry camping.'

My camping experience began in my backyard with a huge, smelly old tent my dad uncovered from some dark corner in our basement. But it was all we had, so I camped out in the backyard for few summers. I also got to experience a few camping adventures as a Cub Scout and Boy Scout. Those were fun outings.

As an adult, I purchased a nice tent and spent a few summer vacations camping in the Shenandoah National Park in Virginia, part of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Those vacations were some of my favorite. The scenery is spectacular and there are more hiking trails to explore that you'll ever had time for. Each one ends with a view you will never forget.

Time goes on, and as I got older, I packed away the tent in favor of a small travel trailer. Now five trailers later, even though I call it camping. It's more like a second home on wheels in a campground on top of a hill in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania. The views and experience is still spectacular, but with all the modern conveniences of home.

Happy belated Camping Day. If you love to camp, you know how special it is.

via National Today

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