'Tis the season for tipping. And while you are busy enjoying all that the holiday season has to offer, it's easy to forget about tipping people who have done a great job for you with their professional services over the past year.

Your mail carrier, paper carrier, hairstylist, barber, babysitter, waiter/waitress, and a laundry list of many more are worth considering giving a holiday tip. These are hard-working people, and while it's a voluntary gift if your budget allows, show them your appreciation if you can.

There is a large list of people for suggestions to tip for the holiday season, but there are also a few professions that you don't need to tip according to a list from the  Binghamton Home Page via Care.com.

The list of professions where a tip is not suggested includes contractors, dentists, doctors, physical therapists, tailors, and veterinarians. For those who are on the suggested tip list, each lists a differing amount or range.

For example, a suggested tip for a Hairstylist or Barber would be the cost of one session. For a Gardner or Landscaper, Pet Sitter or Pool Cleaner - $25 to $50 dollars. For Wait Staff that you regularly see, the suggested tip would be $20 to $40 dollars. A gift or gift card instead of a cash tip also works.

Of course, you give what you feel is appropriate and Care.com suggests you consider the amount of tip on your relationship, your budget (what you can afford if any), the position of the person you are tipping (an employee, rather than an owner unless you have a relationship with the owner), and your personal preferences.

A tip is simply to show a person how much you appreciate their services over the past year. If it's in your budget, it'll go a long way and certainly be much appreciated.

via Binghamton Home Page, Care.com

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