Normally, during the camping off-season as I like to call it, my life consists mostly of going to work and going home. I'm not really a cold weather outdoor person, and outside of working at The Whale, and the events we produce, I usually keep a simple life.

Once in a great while, friends or family coerced me into going somewhere and doing something out of my comfort zone. It's not that I'm a hermit, I just like to enjoy the downtime by doing as little as possible. Well, over the Thanksgiving holiday, my do nothing plans got upended.

Thanksgiving Day, I went out to dinner (Chinese Buffet) instead of having dinner with family. On Black Friday, I braved the traffic and crowds to do some holiday shopping. It was obvious I am just a novice Black Friday shopper.

Then, on Saturday, I ended up driving to Corning to experience the Corning Museum of Glass, or as they call it 'CMOG.' The museum tour was only a part of it. I was signed up to participate in a Make Your Own Glass experience.

While hesitant to make this journey, I was promised a side trip to one of my favorite pizza restaurants, so all in all, it turned out to be fun, and filling. For the Make Your Own Glass workshop, I made a nightlight. Well, not the electronic part or the bulb, just the glass plate in front of it, decorated with pieces of different colored glass.

I'd show the completed project here, but it takes 24 hours to cool, and I'm not picking it up until this weekend, which means another trip to Corning...and another stop for pizza.

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