I blogged a few times about how our company, Townsquare Media, was running and employees only bracket challenge for the Men's college tournament. The top prize was a happy hour for the winner's market valued at $500. That included food and drink. 765 employees took part in the bracket challenge. I finished in sixth place Four Points back of the winner. More impressively I think, I nailed the final combined score dead nuts on. Villanova beat Michigan 79 to 62 and I had the final combined tiebreaker at 141 total points. So today, our company sent out an email congratulating the winner and mentioned the top five finishers in the contest. I thought for sure I would have gotten an honorable mention for nailing the final score exactly, but I got nothing. Looking at the results, I noticed another six people also had the combined final score at 141 points.

At least I have the bragging rights for Townsquare Media Binghamton. I finished first among all my co-workers here. As I said in earlier blogs about the tournament, my pics were pretty much sheer luck. I was guessing which teams would win each game because I didn't watch much college ball this year. I wish I could guess lottery number as well as I guessed what teams would advance.

I had a feeling Villanova was going to win the whole thing. Today, if I had to pick who was going to win it in 2019, I think I would go with Villanova again. If Cincinnati had only won a couple of games, I might be getting drunk with my co-workers this Friday on the company's dime.

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