I am left-handed. I am proud of that fact. How about a left handed high five? Oh wait, we have to practice social distancing, so that probably is not a good idea right now.

August 13th is traditionally the day that we left handed people have our own so called holiday. It's our day to shout to the world, "Hey, I am proud to be left handed!" Of course, being left or right handed doesn't always mean you are that way with everything you do.

For example, even though I write with my left hand, I bat (well, used to bat, when I played softball) right handed. Why I bat that way is a mystery. Maybe that's the way I was taught in elementary school. I didn't do well at bat though. Maybe I should have switched and tried batting left handed. Probably would have knocked that baseball right out of the park, Well, in my dreams maybe. I also find myself kind of leaning to the left when I'm in the driver's seat. Does that have anything to do with being left handed?

There are a few disadvantage to being left handed. When I was a young lad, I wondered why I was one of a few who always ended up with ink or the lead of a pencil on my hand when writing. It took me longer than it should for me to realize that being left handed, my hand was gliding across the paper and right over that fresh ink or pencil lead, making a mess on the paper and on my hand. That was not the case for those who are right-handed. I envied my right handed classmates. And don't get me started with scissors. I have left handed scissors and they work just fine. Give me right handed scissors and watch me lose my mind.

I love some of the items that are made specifically for left handed people, such as a left handed clock (I own one), scissors, notebooks, can openers, rulers, oven mitts, guitars and keyboards.

Oh, and here's something interesting I came across recently. According to The Conversation, animals can be left or right pawed. The article states that some use one side of their body that the other. Now, I'm going to have to watch my dogs to see if that's true.

via The Conversation

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