Are you left-handed? Well, I am, and it can be challenging at times.

Right-handed people don't know the pain we go through. For example, scissors are sometimes hard to use. They are designed for right-handers. I can't count the times that scissors wouldn't work for me. I solved that issue by buying left-handed scissors. Yes, it did make a difference.

Writing can be a disaster. As a kid, I always had ink smeared hands and I never gave it much thought why. I assumed it happened to everyone. It took me a while to figure out that it was because as a left-hander, I was dragging my hand across my pen ink on the paper. That's the way we write.

Now, there are so many products that are designed for the left-handed person, and we all applaud, beginning with the left hand, of course. We even have our own day! It's Saturday August 13th, and has all sorts of information about the world of left-handers.

Rejoice and Happy Left-Handers Day to all my lefty friends! Enjoy these facts about being left-handed.