Sometimes I feel so isolated from the rest of the world. It all started with the realization that there are more right handed people than left handed people. Can you guess which person I am?

To this day, I still suffer from right handed scissors that won't cut a damn thing. And if I get through one day without pen ink marks on my left hand, it's a good day.

September 29th is known as National Coffee Day. Not sure why it needs it's own day, but I am not in charge of these so-called daily events. You see, I am not a fan of coffee. I will admit, I do like the smell of coffee beans, but grind it up and pour hot water or whatever on it, I'll take a pass.

I really can't deal with the taste of coffee or any of the many variations offered. When I used to do an overnight show on The Whale many years ago, I would try to down a cup to stay awake, but I just couldn't get past that taste.

And the variations of coffee makes my head spin. Just watching my friends and family order their favorite type of coffee is quite a performance. There's regular coffee, caffeinated or non-caffeinated, with or without sugar and cream and then then there's Latte, Espresso, Mocha, Cappuccino and so many other types I've never heard of. Add cold variations to it all and the options seem endless.

While I am not a fan of coffee, I am a hot chocolate fan. There's pretty much two types of hot chocolate. One with not enough chocolate and one with so much chocolate, I am ready for a nap after one cup. See? Simple and to the point. Not so with coffee.

And why is it that coffee is complimentary in so many places like hotels and workplaces? I don't see free hot chocolate anywhere. Oh the injustice!

I know I'm in the minority when it comes to hatred for coffee, so if you love this hot (or cold) beverage, I will put my displeasure of the drink aside and wish you a happy coffee day.

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