Thoughts about caffeinated drinks? I'm guessing most people rely on them to get through their day. Especially from coffee products, since it seems that almost everyone, except me, loves coffee.


I love the smell of coffee beans, but I just can't stand the taste of coffee or its many different variations. So that's two things I'm in the minority - non-coffee drinkers and being left-handed.

Americans can't get enough of caffeine products. The Shane Co. website recently published a study listing the most popular caffeine source for every state in the country. 85 percent of Americans consume some sort of caffeine daily. The study is based on Google trends search data over a five-year period.

Caddeine Products That Are Part Of The Survey

Caffeine products researched include soda, tea, coffee, espresso, energy drinks, chocolate, and supplements. I was surprised by what caffeine product is consumed most. I would have thought it would be coffee, but only three states and the District of Columbia preferred coffee over any other caffeine product.

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Top 3 Caffeine Products And The Top Choice For New York & Pennsylvania

The Shane Co. reports list the top three caffeine products consumed by Americans as tea (15 states), energy drinks (13 states), and supplements ( 10 states.)  What is the most popular caffeine product in New York State? It's tea. I find that interesting since most of my family, friends, and co-workers are addicted to coffee. The study reveals that Pennsylvanians prefer chocolate as the most popular caffeine product in the state.

My preferred choice is soda, followed by chocolate. But, I only drink a glass or two of diet soda each day, mostly in the evening. Regular soda is too sweet for my taste. Don't tell my mom. She says I shouldn't drink any soda. Well, for the majority of each day, I drink water, so that's a good thing.

[via Shane Co.]

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