Who knew that Forrest Gump would be so right, when he said, "life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get." Who would have guessed in March of 2020, that nearly 20 months later we would still have restrictions, vaccine mandates, and now the Omicron variant?

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For many of us, when we feel the stress of life, we turn to chocolates. If that's you, then Monday, November 29th is your day because it's National Chocolates Day. Chocolates take me back to my childhood when I would get a BIG Special Dark chocolate bar for my birthday and another one for Christmas. I still get them today and I love them.

So let's take our mind off the stress of returning to work after a four-day weekend and let's think chocolates. After all, the choice of your chocolate says a lot about you.

National Chocolates Day

Chocolate-Covered Nuts: My guess was that you would be the nutty one in the family but I stand corrected.  You're the mainstay of the family and you can be counted on as the one to solve almost any problem.

Creme-Filled: If this is your chocolate of choice then you take pride in an old-fashioned lifestyle that reminds us of our parent's values. Your warmth and laughter are irresistible.  I always enjoyed that little burst of sugar when I would bite into one

Dipped Fruit: According to psychologist Dorothy Maples, it means that you're kooky but you're a genuine original and you swim against the tide of trendy thought.

I LOVE dipping fruit in chocolate...okay I love dipping anything in chocolate. I remember one year, my mom got a chocolate fountain when we came to visit for the holidays. We started with fruit but it quickly changed to anything that was edible. She didn't have the chocolate fountain for the next holiday get-together. I guess it was too kooky.

Truffles: If your choice of chocolate is Truffles then you believe that you deserve the best for yourself and others around you. Your generosity of spirit isn't limited to your loved ones either. You are also known as someone that's a champion of volunteerism in your area.

If you were a psychologist and asked me to give my first response when you said the word "Truffles" I would say "pig." I asked Traci what she thought of and her answer was "mushrooms."

I would say that Truffles have been given a bad rap and I need to get me some for Christmas.

                     Chocolate is the bomb and we prove it below.

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