Now that we have bid goodbye to winter and all that comes with it, we are concentrating on all the goodness of spring and summer. And with that thought, it's ice cream season.

A couple of years ago, I asked for a list of great places to get ice cream locally, and the Whale Nation gave me lots of places where you go for a cold, creamy treat. And a few years back, I asked for places in our area that make a good milkshake. A really good milkshake.

And by 'really good', I mean as thick as you can make it, but still get the milkshake come through a straw, and it has to be very chocolatey. Anything less is just a cup of chocolate milk with ice cream in it. That's my definition anyway.

I don't think I really found many places that are up to my snobby thick chocolate shake standards. Sorry, but I like what I like.  Below are a few places that I find acceptable for a good, thick, very chocolatey milkshake. If you can guide me to a local place that can impress me, I would love to know where that place or places are.

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