Yes, this is a day to celebrate. For me and every other left-handed person on the planet. It's our day to take over the world from all you right-handed people. Sure you are in the majority, but we need our recognition as a force for everything left-handed.

According to the Left Handers Day website, and yes it really exists, so stop laughing at us, right-handers, today is the day (8/13) to let everyone know how proud we are to be left-handed. And that we face lots of issues in a right-hander's world. Even as I was looking for a picture of a left hand for this article, I mostly found find right-hand pictures.

When I started school and began to learn to write, I didn't understand why my hand had ink smudges after writing a sentence. Well, it was because we are taught to write from left to right. If you are right-handed, you don't have that problem. To this day, I still end up with ink smudges on my hand when I write something on paper.

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Then there's the scissors issue. I struggle with that the most. I had a pair or two of left- handed scissors once, but I lost them somewhere in the depths of my house. My wife has to take over many times because my left-handed try with right-handed scissors just doesn't cut it. (Good pun there, eh?)

I will admit, that when I played softball, I batted right-handed. Didn't make any difference since I sucked at connecting with the ball no matter if I batted left or right-handed. So, if you are left-handed, celebrate your status as a member of an elite club.

Raise your left hand and shout "I love being left-handed!" Just beware, right-handed people may not be amused.

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