According to the National Day Calendar, today is National Pie Day and National Handwriting Day. I can relate to Pie Day, but Handwriting Day, not so much.

I have struggled with writing all my life. It wasn't until we began blogging that finally thoughts and words began to come into focus and written down before I typed them into my computer.

But for National Handwriting Day, it's more about the pen (or pencil) and paper. Remember when we used to write letters? I used to write letters every week or so to a former girlfriend while she was away at college, but as time progressed, we had less and less to write about, so it was hard to come up with enough words and thoughts to put in a letter.

This was before we had computers, and that meant if I made a mistake or misspelled a word, it was a disaster. How many times can you wad up the letter and start over again. I am now so thankful for computers.

Another issue I've dealt with when using pen and paper, being left-handed, as my hand moves along to the right when writing, my hand is gliding right over fresh ink. It took me a while to figure out why I was one of the few students who ended up with ink all over my hand. Still happens to this day.

If you look at anything I've written down in words with a pen, you'll see smudges on the paper and ink on my hand. It's a curse I have to live with.

Happy Handwriting Day for those of you who are right-handed. Happy Pie Day for those of us who are left-handed. Ya gotta give us that, right?

via National Day Calendar

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