How many ways can we talk about pizza and our favorite type of pizza? Well, according to our radio listeners and website readers, a lot. And I have to agree.

When you go online to check out something on the internet, do you seem to see advertisements about something you may have recently searched for? Well, I have. And not too long ago, I was looking at one of those portable pizza ovens. You know, the one that says you can cook a homemade pizza in just about 60 seconds.

Well, I would really like one, but my wife says no. She insists that I would use it 2 or 3 times and then it would end up in the kitchen gadget graveyard. I can't say she's wrong. I like that the pizza could cook in 60 seconds, but just how long will it take to prep the pizza? That would probably be the deal-breaker for me. And because of that, I prefer to visit one of many great area pizza restaurants instead.

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Last week, I wrote an article about the 20 best places for pizza in the Greater Binghamton area according to the website Yelp! Those are 20 great places, and as I always do, I ask if there are any others that should be on the top 20 list.

Well, I received a lot of responses through our social media sites stating favorite area pizza places that our listeners and readers enjoy. Some of these places I have never visited before, but must check out. Here are some of our listener and reader responses. If your favorite pizza restaurant is missing from our lists, let me know!

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