Are you ready to do the Loco-Motion? Yes, it's a song played at many school dances and even wedding receptions from time to time, but this particular version is not from Little Eve or Kylie Minogue. I'm talking about the Grand Funk Railroad version.

The song was written by Jerry Goffin and Carole King, and soared to the number one position on the US singles chart in 1962, recorded by Little Eva.

In 1974, with help from Tod Rundgren, Grand Funk Railroad decided to record Loco-Motion for their 'Shinin' On' album. I'm not sure they ever thought it would do well, since it was a cover song, but guess what? It topped the US singles Chart in May of 1974, and hung on for two weeks.

That marked the second time a cover tune had gone all the way to the top. For today's Classic Rock Pick, check out Grand Funk Railroad rockin' out to the Loco-Motion at a concert in 1974.

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