Welcome to the Labor Day Weekend. Hopefully, you will have a nice three-day weekend to relax or enjoy some sort of fun activity. Our area is always busy with some sort of Labor Day event to check out.

The annual Greene Labor Day Picnic is one event that will be a fun day for the entire family. No matter what your Labor Day Weekend looks like, hanging out with family, friends, having a barbeque, visiting parks, maybe using this last weekend to camp or whatever, we hope you will have a great time, and be sure to tune in to 99.1 The Whale.

Throughout the weekend, we are playing great Classic Rock music by title with our Labor Day A To Z weekend. Kicking off at 3 pm on Friday, we're playing the best Classic Rock by title through Labor Day Monday. So open up your Whale App and crank up the tunes from A to Z. You'll probably even hear some gems you haven't heard in a while.

Speaking of Labor Day, one of the events that to me always signaled the end of summer, was the Johnson City Field Days. I'm sad that it no longer exists. It was a great event for the Triple Cities community to enjoy before summer fades away into the sunset.

And every year, after sunset at the end of Labor Day, fireworks would light up the sky as a tribute to the end of another great summer. When the final round of fireworks went silent, I knew that summer was pretty much over. Cooler weather would soon be here, and winter not far behind. But, we still have a lot of warm and hopefully sunny days ahead before winter takes over. Enjoy your Labor Day weekend, stay safe, and enjoy Classic Rock from A to Z this weekend!

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