This weekend was high school graduation weekend in the Binghamton Area. My wife and I went to three parties this weekend and we have a few more to go to in the next coming weeks.

While sitting at one of the three parties this week I thought about all the work, planning and money that goes into each graduation party.

My step-son Ian graduated from Union-Endicott three years ago. We had the party at our house. We had to get the yard ready, clean the house and get the shopping done. We made some of the food ourselves and had some of it catered too. A few friends brought some dishes to pass as well. We had to get the beer, soda, water, wine, the cake, and snacks too. Not to mention the decorations. Ian's dad, John, helped out as well with kicking in money and helping the clean up after the party.

We had friends bring over two huge tents that we put up in the backyard, and we borrowed tables and chairs from our church.

A lot of work goes into these parties from planning, to cleaning up afterward.

So to the graduates that had parties thrown in their honor this weekend, or those who will have parties soon, make sure you thank your parents or whoever threw the party for you.

You will see, someday, how much work and money actually goes into one of these things.

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