This Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday with Patriots and Rams facing off from Atlanta Georgia at 6:30 p.m.

I've been saying for years that I wish they would move the Super Bowl to Saturday instead of Sunday so we can all have a day to recuperate before going back to work on Monday.

According to Wallethub, 52.4% of Americans think Super Bowl Monday should be a national holiday. However, SleepZoo's survey said 29% of Americans think the day after the Superbowl should be a national holiday. According to SleepZoo, just about two out of three people will be watching the Super Bowl, and they say 40% of the people they surveyed will either take a sick day or be late for work on Monday.

According to YouGov, three out of four viewers are looking forward to seeing the commercials during the Super Bowl and less than one out of three are excited about the halftime show. Sorry, Maroon 5.

Out of all the people surveyed by YouGov, 42% would like to see the Rams win the Vince Lombardi Trophy as opposed to 29% who would like to see the Patriots do it again. And another 29% aren't rooting for either team.

And now for the food... according to YouGov, one in seven people will attend a Super Bowl party this Sunday. The most popular Super Bowl Foods include; chips and dip (the most popular of all), followed by pizza, chicken wings, hamburgers, nachos and more.

According to Wallethub, 1.38 billion chicken wings will be eaten and 51.7 million cases of beer are sold for Super Bowl Sunday.

Enjoy the game, and GO RAMS!

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