The weekend is here, time to relax right? Not for me. I’m not bitching, I just thought if I blogged about it, I would be able to go back to it and make sure I don’t miss anything.

It all starts tonight with a graduation party. Tis the season, actually I have three to go to this weekend and they are all on different days. So that’s cool.

Tomorrow I have to be on the air from 7 till noon. Then, if the weather cooperates, I have to help a friend paint for a few hours. Then it’s off to the second graduation party. We are going to cap off the night by going to Drafts with Giraffes at Animal Adventure. So a busy but fun Saturday. Well, all except maybe for the painting.

Sunday we will go to church then out to breakfast. At some point in the afternoon we will head to the third graduation party of the weekend, then I’m back on the air from 5 till 10 filling in for Kathy.

Then it’s off to bed so I can come back to work at 5 Monday Morning. I think I will need a day off to rest up from my weekend.

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