The first time I heard the name Hot Cross Run, my thought was "what the hell is that?" Is it a race in the heat of the day ending at a crossroads or something?

Well, not really. Basically, it's three events in one  -- Hot Yoga, CrossFit, and a 2-mile run, which is not a race, so you can run, walk, crawl or roll if you'd like.

Bottom line, it's designed to be a healthy event and to have fun! Hot Cross Run is new to the Binghamton area, and we chose an awesome place to have it -- Otsiningo Park in Binghamton on Saturday, June 18, beginning at 10am.

The hot yoga session is 15 minutes, followed by a15-minutee CrossFit routine, and lastly the 2-mile run. Many of us have been a part of a run, but have you ever tried Yoga or CrossFit? They are both designed to be fun and an introduction to something you may enjoy and add to your health and fitness routine.

The registration price is going to go up as we get closer to the event so now would be a good time to get registered. Click on the button below to sign up and we'll see you Saturday, June 18t at Otsiningo Park!

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