I had a list of things I wanted to do this Memorial Day weekend and luckily I got a lot of it done.

Friday after I left work, I went home did a little bit of yard work and then we went out for dinner. After dinner, we came home and had a fire in the fire pit on our patio. It was the first one of the year. I love bonfires. I like to get a cold adult beverage and just sit there and stare into the fire... it's very relaxing. Saturday after I finished up here at the station Chris and I went up to Bagsi to see a softball game. One of her co-worker's daughters was pitching in what turned out to be her final High School game. We watched the game between Windsor and Susquehanna Valley. Susquehanna Valley won. Behind us, there were two teams from the Elmira area playing each other, and on field number one it was UE and Maine-Endwell facing off. As we were leaving I noticed a deputy writing tickets on the cars that were parked in the lot across from Bagsi. That was pretty cheap. I don't know where people are supposed to park that go to see big tourneys there, because there just isn't enough parking to be had. Saturday night we went out to do some gambling. Being that we weren't big winners, we came home.

Look for my weekend part two a little later one.

Memorial Day weekend part 1

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