This week, we've set the Whale Time Machine to go back to May 26th, 1973. But be aware, we're about to meet a monster!

It was on that date that the Edgar Winter Group topped the US singles chart with Frankenstein. Unfortunately for them, the monster was knocked down the next week by Paul McCartney's My Love.

But even though the song only lasted one week at the top, it sold around a million copies. It's not everyday a rock instrumental becomes a hit, never mind a number one single. And Edgar was a pioneer, playing a keyboard strapped around his neck.

A bit of trivia - did you know who plays guitar on Frankenstein? - Ronnie Montrose!

Take a moment (or nine) and enjoy the Edgar Winter Group playing an extended version of Frankenstein back in 1973 for this week's version of your Classic Rock Throwback Thursday.