So it's Halloween. I'm not a fan. Yea,when I was a kid it was fun, but as an adult with no kids, October 31st is just a reminder that the last day of camping season is here. Boo-hoo for me.

But never fear, if you are like me and am not a fan of Halloween, today is celebrated in many other ways according to the National Day Calendar. Here's what they are, and my opinion on each if you care to know.

via National Day Calendar

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    National Caramel Apple Day

    Nothing says break your teeth better than biting into a good old caramel apple. And how do you pronounce it? "Care-ah-mel" or " "Car-mal? National Caramel Apple Day.

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    National Doorbell Day

    Really? I'm not sure I want to go up to my doorbell and wish it a Happy Doorbell Day, but whatever. National Doorbell Day.

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    National Knock Knock Joke Day

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    National Magic Day

    I love magic and magicians. Just how do they do that trick? Is it real or an illusion? Only the magician knows for sure! National Magic Day.

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    National Calzone Day

    OK, technically, Friday November 1st is National Calzone Day, but I couldn't resist to add this to the list. And make sure my calzone is oozing with cheese, pepperoni, sausage, meatball and bacon. Yum. National Calzone Day.