I think we've all had family photographs, taken by a photographer at one point in our life. The whole family dresses up, stands or sits in weird poses, and the photographer tells them to look over here and tilt your head this way. My siblings and I had a family portrait done as a surprise gift for my parents many years ago. It was all seven of us and the four grandkids that were born at the time of the session.

I stumbled upon a story today from The Kansas City Star, of a family in Missouri that paid a photographer $250 to take their family portrait. They had the photo shoot last spring and according to The Kansas City Star, they didn't get the photos back until last week. Apparently, the photographer tried to touch up the photos using Photoshop, but she didn't know how to use it. The results are hilarious. In the picture, the family members look like cartoon characters. Click on the link to see the pictures yourself.


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