I won't be there. A 33 year old woman just posted on Reddit that her 22 year old sister is getting married at the end of August and she hasn't picked her bridal party yet .

According to the New York Post, she sent out invitations to all of her friends and said the highest bidders will become her bridesmaids and the woman who bids the most money, will be the maid of honor. One of the reasons the woman is so upset with her sister is because her brother-in-law to be is rich so they don't need the money.

Here's the reason I think this is stupid. It cost a lot of money to be in a wedding. Women have to buy dresses and men have to rent tuxes. Sometimes you even have to pay for a hotel room. Of course there's the gift that goes along with attending a wedding. Then there's the shower the bachelorette party for the women and the bachelor party for the men. Being in a weddings is expensive as it is without having to pay to be in it.

If this was someone I knew I would tell them to shove their wedding up their butt, good luck and enjoy it because I think you're greedy and I won't be there.


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