The effects of the Coronavirus have affected each and every one of us. For some it's caused minor inconveniences, while for others, it's had a major effect. Since the the last week of March, I have missed one wedding and now three funerals. But this blog is not really about me.

The wedding was supposed to take place on March 28th. in Syracuse. Chris's godson had his wedding date planned for well over a year. Two weeks before the wedding, due to the Covid-19 crisis, a ban was put in place on large gatherings, and rightfully so.

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Chris's godson's wedding itself took place on March 28th. with just the bride and the groom, their parents, and siblings in attendance. There will be a reception to be held at a later date when all the guests that were originally invited to the wedding can get together to celebrate the big day.

That same week, my brother-in-law's brother lost his courageous battle with cancer. If it happened any other time, Chris and I would have made the hour drive to express our condolences to the family. During the pandemic, they weren't able to have a viewing, so the best I could do was to reach out and call.

Last week, one of my sisters called to tell me that one of our long-time neighbors from my hometown passed away. When I was young, this man lived six houses up the street from me. I used to go to his wife to get haircuts when I was younger. Again, I would have made the hour drive to attend the viewing and personally give my condolences to his widow and their children, but once again there was no wake due to the Coronavirus.

And finally, yesterday I received word that one of my friend's father became the latest Coronavirus casualty here in Broome County. While I never met the man that passed away, I know his son and his grandchildren well. I used to work with this man's ex-daughter-in-law whom he remained close with until he passed away yesterday. This will be another time where I would like to go and give my condolences to John, his ex-wife Lisa, and their three children. But again, that can't happen.

Death is hard to deal with at any time. Calling hours and funerals are a way for us to show our support for the families during their darkest moments. It has to be extremely hard on them now without being able to properly say goodbye to their loved ones.

My personal inconveniences during this crisis pales in comparison to what these people and their families have gone through. They are all in my prayers.

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