Many years ago there was a couple who moved into what they thought was the perfect house - until they realized they hadn't.

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This couple moved from California to Upstate New York to be closer to the wife's elderly parents and the couple was ecstatic that not only were they able to find a gorgeous house within their budget, but that it was only a mile from their family.

The couple decided to buy the house and get settled before letting the family know they'd found a place - they wanted to surprise their family by inviting them over to check out their new place already all unpacked and set up.

As the couple began to unpack, they noticed that something felt a bit off in the house. Things happened that they couldn't explain - doors closed by themselves, there were phantom creaks in the hardwood floors when the couple was laying in bed at night, and every once in a while, the couple would feel ice-cold air where there shouldn't be any. Yet, the couple ignored the signs and continued to move in.

On the day that the couple broke the news to their family and invited them over, they got quite the shock. When their family showed up, their eyes were big and they talked in hushed tones. The couple asked what all the whispers were about and the family was hesitant to say anything but finally, it all spilled out.

Turns out the reason the house was put on the market and for such a low price is that only a few months before, a horrific homicide had taken place inside of it. Suddenly, all the strange feelings the couple had felt made total sense.

This particular couple isn't the only one to have discovered that their home is occupied by a former resident. As a matter of fact, New York is pretty notorious for its homes being haunted.

HomeAdvisor wanted to know what the probability of buying a haunted home in each state was and so they looked at the number of “haunted homes” which are homes where there have been reports of death, homicide, or paranormal activity, and what they found is definitely creepy.

New York landed at number three in the top five states for haunted homes. What this means is that in New York, the probability that death or homicide has happened in your home or that there have been reports of some sort of paranormal activity is 27.4 percent. The only other states with more haunted homes than New York are Ohio (2nd place) and New Jersey (1st place).

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