Yesterday morning when I played Bob Seger's 'Old Time Rock and Roll' I said the two things pop in my mind every time I hear that song. 1.) Tom Cruise sliding across the floor in his underwear dancing to that in 'Risky Business', and 2.) being at a wedding. And not always in that order.

It's the middle of wedding season and as someone who has D.J.'ed weddings in the past, I know it is a tough job. You can't please everyone and you are getting paid by the bride and groom so you want to make sure they are happy. A win-win for everybody would be to just let the DJ do his job to make sure everyone has a good time. You can have songs that you want to hear and even a list of songs you don't want to hear but for everyone's enjoyment, just let the D.J. Pick the music.

I did a wedding once for a friend who only wanted me to play music from Judas Priest and Stevie Ray Vaughan. I kid you not. I love both Judas Priest and Stevie Ray Vaughan but you can't dance to the music. I had people coming up to me telling me I was the worst d.j. ever and that I was ruining the couple's wedding. When I told them that was what they wanted me to play, they still didn't care.

Most people go to weddings expecting to dance. I go to drink because I am not a dancer, that's why I used to D.J. them. I remember when Chris and I got married. She said she did not want to hear the Chicken Dance. The Chicken Dance was a staple at every one of my siblings' weddings. Not because we love the song, but because we knew we would look like idiots dancing to it and we would just laugh at each other the whole time. I made our D.J. play it anyway. That song topped the list of most banned wedding songs according to FiveThirtyEight. Other songs that made the banned list were the Hokey Pokey, Electric Boogie (for the electric slide), and the Macarena. Lynyrd Skynyrd, Van Morrison, AC/DC, Journey, Billy Idol and Queen also made the list of banned songs.

Check out the list and if you go to any weddings this summer keeping ear out for these songs.

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