Most brides fantasize about their wedding day since they were little girls. I can't imagine looking forward to something for that long only to have something like this happen.

According to Mass Live, a couple got married in Yarmouth Massachusetts last month, or at least they thought they did.

The bride's name is Ashley Veilleux and the husband's name is David Mellen. According to Mass Live, they were doing a non-denominational wedding so they hired James Stern who they thought was a Justice of the Peace.

When Ashley stopped by to pick up her marriage license she found out that there was no marriage license because James wasn't actually a licensed officiant.

And you think that would be bad enough, but as it turns out, Stern also broke into the bridal suite and stole some credit cards belonging to Ashley's bridesmaids.

James was arrested and charged with impersonating a Justice of the Peace and larceny for stealing the credit cards. It's not his first time that he's been in trouble with the law either, Mass Live reports he has a long history of fraud that dates back to when he was a teenager.

Ashley and David plan on having another marriage ceremony to make their wedding legal. But the couple is still upset because the man will forever be in wedding photos and the wedding videos.

So much for the happiest day of her life.

[via Mass Live]

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