I stand outside the station from time to time on Court Street. I see a lot of weird things while I'm out there. But I sometimes think that I must have an information sign on my shirt. I have people stop and ask me where things are or how to get to different places and it turns out I don't know downtown Binghamton as well as I thought I did.

I had one woman ask me where a certain Street was. I think she caught me off guard because I was just looking at her thinking 'I know I've been on the street many times and I can't remember where it is'. So I told her I'm not really sure. So she points down State Street heading away from the arena saying "I think it's down this way right?" So I respond 'yeah I think you're right and off she went'.

Then Friday I had a guy come up to me and basically tell me his life story. He told me he was from New York he moved out to Arizona I think it was. He lost his job out there and decided to move back to New York so he came to Binghamton. He was asking where the nearest homeless shelter was. I'm thinking to myself, ' I have no idea'. So I sent him down to Catholic Charities thinking they'll be able to help him. We were about 10 blocks away from Catholic Charities. I told him it's going to be a long walk but it's down that way. So then he started asking where the nearest Salvation Army was. I'm thinking thrift store. So I point backup Court Street and said "it's that way probably about another mile"."When you go under the railroad underpass make a left". So the man sets off towards Catholic Charities first and I thinking I helped him. .I walked inside, it dawned on me theres a Salvation Army Soup Kitchen right around the corner on Washington Street.

Again don't ask me I don't know. I give up.

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