Did you know there's a pub in central New York with a special door just for Leprechauns?

At Coleman's Irish Pub, on historic Tipperary Hill in Syracuse, New York, there are two doors. One for humans. One for Leprechauns.

Photo Credit - Mary Beth Young

Coleman's owner, Peter Coleman says he's applied to trademark the 15-inch leprechaun door. "I had a meeting with the leprechauns and they said they don't want this thing getting out," Coleman told Waymarking.com. "We'd like to get this buttoned up to protect the uniqueness of having the only leprechaun door."

Outside Coleman's Pub there's even a 'telfon' for humans and another for 'Leprechauns only.'

Photo Credit - Coleman's via Facebook

Inside there's a small bench Leprechauns can sit to wait for the taxi they called from the telefon booth outside.

Photo Credit - Annika Carbacio

Coleman's was once a grocery store before becoming the iconic Irish Pub. It opened in 1933 at the end of Prohibition as a working man's saloon. Over the years Coleman's has more than tripled in size, but still maintains the small pub atmosphere of Ireland.

Coleman's Celtic heritage even extends to the neighborhood traffic light, home to the only light with green on the top and red on the bottom.

Legend says local Irish kids didn't want British red on top of Irish green. So they threw stones to break the lights, according to Gizmodo.com. City council members finally agreed to install an upside-down traffic light and it's been on Tipperary Hill, known as just Tipp to locals, ever since.

Photo Credit - Google Maps

You'll find another upside down traffic light, honoring the legend, inside Coleman's Pub.

Photo Credit - Coleman's via Facebook

Coleman's Irish Pub is located 100 South Lowell Avenue in Syracuse, New York. Learn more at Colemansirishpub.com.

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