The song was written buy Otis Blackwell and recorded by Elvis Presley in 1956, it ranks number 173 on the greatest songs of all time.

The song was the first recorded by Elvis presented by his song publishers Hill and Range, Presley got 50% of the royalties, a compromise from Blackwell for an almost assurance of a smash hit.

The song hit #1 on the pop charts and remained there for 11 weeks, it was Elvis's biggest selling single with over 6 million in sales, and remained a staple in his live concerts until his death in 1977.

The song appeared on Cheap Trick's 1988 comeback album 'Lap of Luxury' where it reached the top 5 on the charts.

My 'Got Ya Covered' video of the week Cheap Trick performing the Elvis classic hit 'Don't Be Cruel'

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