Written and recorded by David Bowie for his 1970 album of the same name, it has been covered by many artists including Lulu and a memorable unplugged performance by Nirvana.

Bowie was asked about the song and its meaning, he wrote the song when he was young and said it could have different meanings depending on your stage of life.

He (Bowie) was also amazed that Kurt Cobain was a big fan of his work, he was quoted as saying he would have loved to have worked with him, or talk to him about music, unfortunately they never met, at least not in this world.

Leave it to a Grunge band from the state of Washington to put together a killer version of a David Bowie classic

My 'Got Ya Covered' Video form this week ‘The Man Who Sold the World’ by Nirvana

Also enjoy Lulu's cabaret version, and the original Bowie classic below

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