I can't count the number of times people have mentioned to me how much they enjoy it when we air Classic Rock from A to Z. It's one of our most popular features.

If you are not familiar with it, basically we dig up every Classic Rock song in our music library (we call it Binghamton's largest on-air Classic Rock music library) and play them all in order from A to Z by title.

The only change we make, is playing the songs that begin with a number and songs that begin with the word 'the'. We use the first letter of the second word in the title to decide where to place it in the lineup.

Bottom line is, we play them all, and that's what makes it so popular -- songs you may have not heard in a while, songs that bring back good memories (don't all Classic Rock songs do that?)

We want you to experience as many of the songs we play as possible, so Classic Rock from A to Z airs weekdays from 5am to 7pm. We figure it will take at least two weeks (or more) to get to the last song in the letter Z.Can you guess what the last song will be?

When does it begin? It already did, so tune in and rock with 99.1 The Whale's Classic Rock from A to Z!