Starting Monday at 6 a.m., we are going to kick off our annual feature here at 99.1 The Whale call “Classic Rock From A to Z”. That's where we play every song in our entire library in alphabetical order from A to Z by title.

Every day between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m., we will be rocking our way through the alphabet sponsored by Lourdes, compassionate care for body and spirit. You can look forward to hearing a lot of deep cuts for the next two and weeks and a couple days.

Listeners tell us they look forward to this every year. Some claim that they play along and try and guess what song is coming next. And even though we enjoy it too, it adds a little stress to our jobs trying to remember all the songs in alphabetical order. And worse yet, making sure we don't miss anything or play something out of order.

In the spirit of Classic Rock From A to Z, I thought it would be fun to list bands that first come to mind while going through the alphabet. So check out my list from A to Z below of the artists of Classic Rock From A to Z. Again these were the first bands that popped in my head with each letter.

The 'A To Z' of Classic Rock

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