My wife informed me that tomorrow when I get out of work, we are going to pick up our real Christmas tree. Every year we put up three trees in our house, two artificial trees and a real tree. The real tree goes in the living room and that's the one that gets all the nice ornaments and the presents underneath it. Some of the ornaments on the tree date back to the 60s from Chris's parents. My mother also bought me a set of antique styled ornaments many years ago.

I like having a real tree because it makes the whole house smell like pine that reminds me of Christmas. We always had real trees growing up in our house as well. The only thing I hate about real trees are the pine needles all over your SUV as you bring it home, and when you get home with what you thought was the perfect tree, you find it has a big bare spot that you didn't notice when you picked it out.

Sometimes we go to tree farms and cut them down, other times we go and buy them pre-cut. I'm not sure what we are doing tomorrow I guess it depends on how much time we have and what my wife feels like doing.

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