While Chris and I were decorating our real Christmas tree this year we found what appeared to be a bird's nest buried inside. It was empty so we put on gloves pulled it out of the tree and threw it away.

We were joking around that the tree is so thick that there's probably a family of birds living inside it. We didn't find any birds in our tree, but a family in Georgia did.

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According to CNN, Katie McBride Newman and her two children we're finishing their dinner last week when one of the children went in to look at the Christmas tree. She returned to the kitchen crying telling her mother that the ornament scared her.

Not knowing which ornament her daughter was talking about, she decided to go in and look at the tree. The ironic part about this is that Newman has a love for owls and has about a dozen owl ornaments on the tree. But it turned out that there was a real live owl in the tree as well. Even Newman didn't notice the real owl at first until it turned its head to look at her.

The tree was in their house since November 30th, two days after Thanksgiving. They bought it at a store and brought it home to decorate it. So the owl may have been in their house for a while.

The night they found the owl, they left their windows and doors open hoping the owl would fly away on its own, but it did not. They called a local nature center that sent representative to the house. The employee caught the bird and identified it as an Eastern screech owl.

Later that night the family took the crate containing the owl outside and it eventually it flew away.

See pictures of the owl in the tree here.

[via CNN]

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